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Name Tags: In an effort to keep costs down and streamline the ordering process, we have teamed up with Hookfast Specialties, Inc., our name tag vendor for over 20 years, to bring you a direct to customer ordering process.

Patches: There is an additional 5% fee (already included) levied on the patch purchased with PayPal due to the administrative costs to us from PayPal. This splits the costs between all the different fees for the different countries. We are sorry for any inconvenience but still find it an easier and less expensive alternative to the International check. Prices for those who opt to fill out the order form by hand and send via regular post will not have the 5% fee.

Ordering Instructions

Name Tags: Click on the Name Tag item and follow the instructions. The whole process incl. shipping will be handled through our partner.

Patches: Please allow 2-3 weeks for B.F.L. patches to be delivered.
Add up to 3 weeks for deliveries outside the U.S. due to customs.

We offer two shipping methods:
- Standard Shipping US
- Standard Shipping Outside US

Please select your choice during the checkout process.

We accept payments via PayPal or Credit Card (processed also by PayPal)

 Embroidered "Brothers For Life" Patch
Embroidered "Brothers For Life" Patch